Kyiv Polytechnicians V. Avrutov, V. Hehelskyi, S. Rupich, O. Zamorskyi (PBF, Department of KIONS) and L. Ryzhkov ( Institute of IAT, Department of CI) took part in the 2nd International Workshop "Advances in Civil Aviation Systems Development", or ACASD for short (

The seminar was held on March 26-27, 2024, at the National Aviation University at the Faculty of Aeronautics, Electronics and Telecommunications and the Department of Aeronautical Systems. The participants worked in two sections: "Development of civil aviation systems" and "Reliability and efficiency analysis of civil aviation systems". A total of 32 reports were presented by scientists and aviation industry professionals from Ukraine, as well as Georgia, Ireland, China, and Japan. Most of the reports concerned the operation of satellite navigation systems, the reliability of aviation instruments, and the improvement of aircraft traffic management.

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute scientists made a joint report "Autonomous Latitude Determination using an Inertial Measuring Unit", dedicated to a new method of autonomous latitude determination using an inertial measuring unit. It turned out to be the only one on the subject of inertial navigation systems, which indicates the exclusivity of the competencies of specialists from KPI. This research was presented at the seminar by Professor of the Department of Computer-Integrated Optical and Navigation Systems, Doctor of Technical Sciences V.V. Avrutov.

The participants of the seminar also heard an online presentation by a representative of Boeing Ukraine on the current state, prospects for the company's development and employment of young people interested in working in the aircraft industry.

The conference papers are to be published by Springer. It should be noted that the publications of this seminar are not only indexed in Scopus, but will also have ISSN. The participants of the seminar express their gratitude to the organizers and personally to Professor of the Department of Air Navigation Systems of NAU, Doctor of Technical Sciences I.V. Ostroumov.

Vadym Avrutov, Ph, Professor of the Department of KIONS, PBF, Ph.

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