1.3. Education at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute relies on the following principles:

  • University autonomy in making independent decisions on organizing the educational process, determining the forms of the educational process, and forms and methods of teaching;
  • student-centered learning;
  • academic freedom;
  • academic integrity;
  • research and innovation;
  • democracy, partnership, and social responsibility of participants in the educational process;
  • accessibility of higher education, and equal opportunities for all;
  • promoting lifelong learning;
  • ensuring the quality of higher education and the quality of educational activities.

1.4. The purpose of the University's education is training at all levels of higher education highly qualified and competitive in the national and international labor markets specialists (capable of creating modern scientific knowledge and innovative technologies for the benefit of humans) for enterprises of all forms of ownership, research, and educational institutions, creating conditions for the realization of personal potential, developing individual creative abilities.

1.5. The Code of Honor of the University defines the general moral principles and rules of ethical behavior of persons working and studying at the University (hereinafter participants in the educational process).

1.6. Forms of higher education (hereinafter HE) at the University are:

  • intramural (full-time (day, evening), extramural, distance, learning through networks);
  • dual.

1.7. Full-time (day, evening) form of attaining HE is a core way of training students at the University, which involves classes and practical activities for at least 30 weeks during the academic year.

1.8. Extramural education is a way to organize students training at the University through is a combination of classes, monitoring activities during short sessions, and self-mastery of the study program in between. The duration of the period between classes and monitoring activities may not be less than one month.

1.9. Distance learning is an individualized process of studying at the University that occurs mainly through indirect interaction of remote participants in the educational process in a specialized environment. Distance learning is based on modern psychological, pedagogical, and information and communication technologies and implemented under the Regulation on distance learning at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

1.10. Introducing of extramural and/or distance higher education in a certain specialty is carried out by the decision of the University Academic Council on the recommendation of the Methodological Council of the University and provided that this specialty is full-time and the necessary staffing, training, logistics and information support for this form of HE.

1.11. NetLearning is a way of training for students, due to which the mastering of the educational program takes place in cooperation of the University with other subjects of educational activity on a contractual basis. Learning through networks is introduced by the decision of the University Academic Council.

1.12. Dual education is a way of organizing training for full-time students, which provides on-the-job training at enterprises, institutions, and organizations to acquire a particular qualification in the amount of 25 to 60 percent of the total study program on a contract basis. On-the-job training involves the performance of official duties by the employment contract. The dual form of HE at the University is introduced under the Regulations on the dual form of higher education at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

1.13. The University provides participants in the educational process (including foreigners and students with special needs) with the opportunity to use free of charge educational facilities, library, education, teaching, and scientific literature, equipment, devices, and other teaching aids under the conditions specified in the Internal Regulation of the University.

1.14. The Regulation uses the terms in the meanings defined by the Laws of Ukraine “On Education”, “On Higher Education”, “On Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activity” and the education Glossary of the University.

1.15. In some cases (quarantine, force majeure, etc.), the educational process takes a distant form. The University within the academic autonomy independently determines the methods of organization and technology for distance learning. Each student must complete the Individual Study Plan when organizing distance learning under the regulations of the University.