☑️ Educational process

The educational process is going according to plan.
Preparations for the finals of the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers on artificial intelligence are underway. The final will be held on November 28-29. Twenty works from different regions of Ukraine have been admitted to the final stage.
On November 28-30, the last accreditation of the university's educational and scientific program (Doctor of Philosophy in ISZZI) will take place this calendar year. Last week, Kyiv Polytechnic received six reports from expert groups on six educational programs. All conclusions are positive.
Kyiv Polytechnic hosted the USQE in Law and Public Administration and Management. The attendance rate was 100%.
Schedules for spring internships for bachelors and masters have been formed.
A new group of students started a week-long training program organized by the Center for National Resistance.

☑️ Scientific activities

Kyiv Polytechnic continues to work on the space program together with the Ministry of Education and Science. The parties are preparing to sign a memorandum of cooperation.
Applications for the NATO Science for Peace and Security program competition are being submitted.
KPI will cooperate with designer Dmytro Mamonov on the design and manufacture of ground platforms.
This week, one utility model patent was granted and three utility model applications were filed.

☑️ International activities

KPI Institute of History and International Relations together with the Ukrainian Foreign Policy Association will work on the installation of a monument to Lesya Ukrainka in Madrid. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute will provide the sculpture casting.
On December 3, the All-Ukrainian Japanese Language Exam will be held at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with the support of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine.
Project proposals from Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute are being prepared to participate in the Erasmus+ competition for the development of higher education potential for Ukraine.

☑️ Campus improvement

The STB smartcover is being equipped. The work is scheduled to be completed in early December.
Currently, the campus has 7,300 seats in shelters. Thus, 800 more students will be able to study full-time. In 2024, the KPI administration plans to expand the number of shelters on campus and increase the number of seats by another 1,300.
In the event of possible power outages, uninterrupted Wi-Fi on campus will be able to provide Internet coverage to the administrative building for four hours.

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