List of the most important directions of fundamental and applied scientific researches, according to which the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” has substantial achievements, perspective developments and renown scientific schools

  1. Creation of highly effective, environmentally friendly energy and resource saving technology as well as equipment in machine-building, chemical, light, oil processing industry, building materials area, development of object oriented systems of constructive technological modeling as well as provision of progressive machinery quality and reliability;
  2. Thermo dynamical, physical chemical processes and phase transformations in metallurgical and molding technologies;
  3. Studying of structure forming laws and properties of monocrystals, amorphous, metal and composite materials, connections and coatings;
  4. Chemical as well as chemical technological processes, on the basis of which new matters, materials and compositions are created, including active ones by means of complex usage of new and conventional types of raw material, wasteless and environmentally friendly technologies;
  5. Methods and means of original energy economy as well as maintenance of ecological safety of energy generating technologies. New highly effective types of resource saving heat and power equipment;
  6. Methods of manufacture operation, transfer, distribution, conversion and energy consumption. Energy usage efficiency administration;
  7. High-capacity technological processes of wielding and welding constructions, machinery details renewal, creation of high performance facilities, welding materials, control and administrative means;
  8. Modern means of information processing, construction principles of highly efficient calculation systems and networks, perspective informational technologies of data processing, complex organizational technical systems diagnostics and administration;
  9. Hardware, mathware and software of modern IT digital systems. Methodology and methods of the structure of intellectualized information and network technologies, data bases;
  10. Microwave devices and systems for special and general purposes;
  11. Program Apparatus Complex of audio and video signals identification;
  12. Perspective telecommunication systems based on up-to-date microwave and digital electronic technics;
  13. Processes and phenomena in areas and environments of the creation grounded on the basis of high-capacity electronic devices, gadgets, systems and networks;
  14. Methods of the optimization of structure and parameters of electrodynamics systems as well as creation of state of the art radiotechnical, electrosound, electronic devices.