Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists: Associate Professor of TECHV, Ph.D. Vasiliev G.S.,
tel .: + 380-96-924-98-88

Council of Young Scientists, established by order of the Rector of September 26, 2014, is a collective association of young scientists of the University, established: to promote research, innovation and invention, and other creative activities of young scientists; representation, protection and realization of professional, intellectual, legal and socio-economic rights of young scientists; facilitating the integration of Interuniversity young scientists.

Activities of the Council are carried out  in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education", "On the scientific and technical activities", other normative acts of Ukraine, the Charter of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and the Regulation on the CYS.

Council of Young Scientists coordinates with the Vice President for Research and his deputy.

The main tasks of the Council:

  • support research activities of young scientists, providing them with organizational and information help;
  • involvement of persons, engaged in professional activities in  university, to research work;
  • participation in the organization of conferences, seminars, competitions for young scientists,  lectures by leading scientists of Ukraine and other countries;
  • contribute to the promotion of talented young scientists;
  • assistance in organizing the participation of young scientists in scientific conferences, seminars, symposia, competitions for grants, etc .
  • submission proposals to the Academic Council of the University regarding candidates for scholarships, prizes, awards, etc .;
  • cooperation with academic, student and other organizations in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Collection and propagation of  information on foundations and organizations engaged grant support  in research;
  • assistance in obtaining information on the conduct of scientific activities;
  • methodological and organizational support for the publication of scientific works of young scientists;
  • promotion of implementation of  research results of young scientists and specialists;
  • help in solving the social problems of young scientists of the University;
  • assist in the protection of intellectual property rights of young scientists;
  • the implementation of public control over observance of the rights of young scientists;
  • other activities that meet the objectives of the implementation of the Council, and which are not prohibited by the current legislation of Ukraine.