Sikorsky Igor Ivanovich

Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky (25.05.1889, Kyiv - 26.10.1972, Easton, CT, USA) - the world famous aircraft designer, creator of the helicopters went down in history as the author of the first in the world aviation industry multiengined airplanes and helicopters.

133 Years Since the Birth of Igor Sikorsky

On this day, May 25, 1889, Igor Sikorsky was born - a world-famous student of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, a brilliant aircraft designer, tireless inventor and desperate pilot who conquered Europe and the United States.

Igor Sikorsky and his Kyiv address

June 6 (in the old style - May 25) marks 132 years since the birth of Igor Ivanovych Sikorsky. Today, he does not need additional presentation, it is not necessary to tell the students and staff of Kyiv Polytechnic, which bears his name, who Igor Ivanovych is.

May 25 - 132 years since the birth of Igor Sikorsky

A brilliant engineer, a world-famous aircraft designer, the legendary creator of the helicopter. Descendant of an ancient priestly family, son of a prominent psychiatrist, doctor of medicine, well-known in Europe scientist Ivan Sikorsky.

The Man Who Could Fly: Igor Sikorsky

On October 26, the whole world honors the bright memory of an outstanding aircraft designer and creator of the first helicopter. This day in 1972, Igor Sikorsky passed away in Easton, Connecticut, United States.

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