The educational process

The training of students under the program of the National Resistance Center continues. Every week a new group of 30 people is trained. The training period is 5 days.
Preparations have begun for the university-wide Open House on December 9.
On November 28, the final part of the All-Ukrainian Student Competition in Artificial Intelligence will begin, with 61 participants. The final competition will be held for two days at FIOT.
The accreditation procedures for the KPI educational programs are underway. Last week we received 9 reports of expert groups - all the results are positive.
Preparations for the USQE in the specialty "Law" are underway.
The defense of master's theses in educational and professional programs will take place in January next year. 95% of master's graduates are planning to defend their works.
Three postgraduate students of the Institute of IMZ were awarded the M.S. Hrushevsky Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. One PhD student of the FIPT was awarded the Presidential Prize for Young Scientists.
Documents are being prepared for the opening of a new educational program "Engineering of weapons systems and military equipment" at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.
The transparency rating of departments will be published on Webometrics KPI.
The SEC EQMI launches new courses for preparing for the 9th grade State Examination and courses in 3D modeling.

Scientific activities

The Space Program of Kyiv Polytechnic prepared documents for additional funding from the Ministry of Education and Science.
During the current week, 1 application for invention, 1 application for utility model and 4 patents for utility model were issued.

International activities

FTI will work together with the Japanese University of Tsukuba on projects in the field of education, science and innovation.
A project application from ITF was submitted for participation in Horizon Europe. In total, 44 project proposals were submitted from Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.
KPI together with universities in Poland, Greece, Spain, and Belgium will improve PhD programs.

Improvement of the campus

The arrangement of the shelter of the 4th KPI dormitory and the smart shelter of the STB is nearing completion.
A laboratory on the problems of handling explosive objects will be created at the Institute of IEE.
The volleyball team of Kyiv Polytechnic won the 1st place at the Kyiv Spartakiad among universities. The team is preparing to participate in the All-Ukrainian competition.

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