Educational process

The second calendar control has begun at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. It will last until December 16.
On November 10, the USQE in the specialty "Law" was held. The attendance of students was 100%.
Preparations are underway to organize the defense of master's theses in January.
Preparations for the next enrollment for postgraduate studies have begun.
On December 9, the KPIabitFest Open Day will be held.
The last accreditation of the KPI educational program in this calendar year was completed. We received 11 reports from expert groups - all positive. Educational programs are recommended for full accreditation. In general, during the current calendar year, KPI educational programs received about 100 positive accreditations.

Scientific activity

Kyiv Polytechnic took the 2nd place in the ranking of inventive activity among Ukrainian universities.
Polytechnicians who patent their developments will receive 250 points for registering a patent for an invention and 50 points for a utility model application.
KPI is expanding its space program. The next step is to sign a new cooperation agreement with the customer to create PolyITAN-12U.

International activities

Kyiv Polytechnics submitted 49 applications for participation in the EU's Horizon Europe program.
This year, the number of foreign students enrolled in KPI increased by 40%.
In mid-January, the University of Sheffield will donate technical equipment for the KPI supercomputer center.
Kyiv Polytechnic took part in a meeting with a delegation of the CESAER association. It was a unique opportunity to present our scientific schools to 58 of the best technical universities in Europe.

Improvement of the campus

On December 15, the repair work in the Smart Shelter of the KPI STB is to be completed. The interior decoration of the space has already begun.
Last week, representatives of the State Emergency Service routinely inspected the shelter without any comments.
By the next semester, the number of places in the shelters will be increased by another 250.
The State Labor Service of Ukraine plans to open an explosives laboratory with modern instruments and devices at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.
In the Center for Physical Education and Sports, the old pumping equipment of the swimming pools was replaced with new ones. This will save up to 500 thousand hryvnias a year.

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