☑️ Educational process

On January 20, the examination session ended. Approximately 55% of bachelor's students and almost 63% of master's students passed it in full. This week, we started to liquidate debts.
The second academic semester starts on February 5. The number of educational components that will be studied on a full-time basis is expected to increase. Also, the number of students studying full-time will increase to 10 thousand people.
Master's thesis defenses continue at Kyiv Polytechnic. Almost all students have defended their works.
From February to March, graduate students will defend their theses at one-time specialized councils.
KPI held an organizational meeting on the next All-Ukrainian Artificial Intelligence Competition. The AI competition will be held in close cooperation with the Sikorsky Challenge festival. The preliminary date is June 5.
On January 18-19, the international accreditation procedure for two FEL master's programs took place. We are waiting for the results and assessments of international experts.
Last week, the NAQA accredited 8 more educational programs at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, and the FEL Master's Degree Program "Conflict Resolution and Mediation" was recognized as exemplary.

☑️ Scientific activity

A meeting was held between representatives of the RnD Center for Prosthetics and Rehabilitation, which is being created at the university, and the Kolo Charitable Foundation to discuss the purchase of the necessary equipment. It is planned to be purchased within a month.
On January 17, a meeting was held between Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and the customer on plans to work on the PolyITAN 12U nanosatellite and launch the device into space this year.
The Institute of MMI continues to work on the development of remotely controlled vehicles.

☑️ International activities

Kyiv Polytechnic received an offer to become a full member of the Alliance of European Universities ATHENA. Thanks to this, the university will find new partners in the implementation of transnational projects in the field of education, scientific innovation, artificial intelligence, health and food safety, etc.
The project application from the FEL and the Institute of Chemical Engineering won the competition from the EU Horizon Europe Program. Students proposed the latest innovative technologies for the manufacture of fabrics for sportswear.

☑️ Campus improvement

Six new simple shelters are being installed on the campus. They are to be inspected by a representative of the State Emergency Service this week for certification.
The PlasmaTec company will make repairs on the 11th floor of the 20th KPI dormitory - in the wing assigned to the Institute of Mechanical Engineering.
The Humanitarian Headquarters of the KPI Students' Trade Union continues to meet the needs of the military in trench candles, elongated antennas for walkie-talkies, etc.

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