☑️ Educational process

The session has ended at Kyiv Polytechnic. 92% of students have successfully passed all exams.
The second academic semester starts on February 5.
Proposals have been made to the procedure for accepting applications for admission to higher education institutions in 2024 prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science. The university proposes that applicants submit applications for their chosen specialty rather than a broad field.
KPI will host the second All-Ukrainian Artificial Intelligence Competition. From April 1 to 15, the first round of the competition is to be held in the country's universities, and the final is to be held in KPI from June 3 to 5.
57 fourth-year postgraduate students have submitted documents for thesis defense.
Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute plans to resume the solemn awarding of diplomas to masters in person in the Hall of the Academic Council.
The National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance invited KPI to take part in an experiment on post-accreditation monitoring. Experts will analyze how the recommendations provided during accreditation are taken into account, the work of the internal quality assurance system, etc.
Rectorial control materials are uploaded to the employment platform. Information about employers has already been uploaded.

☑️ Scientific activity

On January 26, a scheduled meeting was held to discuss the work on the PolyITAN-12U nanosatellite and preparations for its launch into space.
KPI signed an agreement with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) on financial support for the University's Center 4.0.
Kyiv Polytechnic submitted 6 applications to the NRFU competition "Advanced Science in Ukraine", 11 to the competition "Science for Strengthening Ukraine's Defense Capability" and 1 to "Research Infrastructures for Advanced Scientific Research".
18 scientists from Kyiv Polytechnic entered the first thousand Ukrainian scientists of the Scopus database according to the Hirsch index.

☑️ International activities

Dr. Mart Noorm, Director of the NATO Joint Center of Excellence for Cyber Defense, will visit KPI. He will give students a lecture on startups in the field of security and defense.
With the assistance of the Embassy of Spain in Ukraine, Kyiv Polytechnic will be involved in the programs of the European Satellite Service, in particular Galileo (location of satellites similar to GPS, GLONASS, etc.) and Copernicus (Earth observation).
The German Society will provide the university with charitable assistance in the amount of $1 million to support innovation activities.

☑️ Campus improvement

The campus shelters are constantly being reviewed. The number of shelters is to be increased by 900 more.
The Kyiv Botanical Garden will join the landscaping of the KPI Library.
The volleyball team of Kyiv Polytechnic won the first place in the competitions within the program of the Kyiv Universiade.
The Humanitarian Headquarters of the KPI Students' Trade Union is actively working to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: elongated antennas for walkie-talkies, trench candles, and camouflage nets are being manufactured.

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