☑️ Educational process

The schedule of the National Multisubject Test (NMT) has been published. Registration for its main session will begin on March 14. Exams within the main NMT session are scheduled to be held from May to June.
The Ministry of Education and Science is introducing a preliminary unified entrance exam for postgraduate studies. It will consist of two parts: a test of general competencies and a foreign language exam. Only after successfully passing it will applicants be admitted to the rest of the exams.
KPI expands the boundaries of academic mobility. Competitive selections were held for students to study at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and to participate in the Open Day Camp at the Gdansk University of Technology.
This week six KPI educational programs will be submitted for accreditation by the NAQA.
Starting March 3, students obtaining a bachelor's degree can familiarize themselves with the list of disciplines to choose from for the next semester.

☑️ Scientific activities

Preparation of the PolyITAN-12U satellite for launch continues. The perimeters of the radio lines have been determined for the frequencies through which the satellite will communicate with researchers.
Two Kyiv Polytechnicians are candidates for personalized scholarships from the Verkhovna Rada for young scientists - doctors of science.
Last week, KPI filed 8 patents for utility models, 2 applications for utility models, and received 7 certificates of copyright registration for a work.
2 proposals from the FEA and FTI were submitted for participation in tenders announced on the ProZorro platform.

☑️ International activities

Preparations for the International Environmental Forum, which is planned to be held in KPI, continue.
Kyiv Polytechnic will sign a memorandum with the NATO Joint Center for Advanced Cybersecurity Technologies on joint research and internships for students of relevant specialties.
KPI is actively involved in international grant projects. We have submitted 8 project applications: 1 for the Euroatom competition and 7 for the NATO Science for Peace and Security competition.

☑️ Campus improvement

There are 36 certified shelters on the territory of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.
The campus is covered with greenery. From the beginning of March, if the weather is favorable, landscaping work will resume in the Neskoronykh Park.
KPI has launched a project on ecological waste sorting. Special containers are being installed on campus.
This week, students are to hand over a new batch of waste disposal devices to our military.
The e-sports tournament held this week at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute raised 5 thousand hryvnias to help an IEE student who is fighting at the front.
Another 6 Wi-Fi points have been installed in the university buildings.

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